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Emily Fanning
Emily Fanning is a Content Marketing Manager at Springboard Retail, where she focuses on digital marketing, educational retail content, and customer stories. Prior to Springboard, she was a retailer herself, leading all of the marketing, advertising, and social media efforts for In the Pink Stores, Inc., an 11-store women's apparel retailer in New England.
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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Springboard Retail Customers

The average person is expected to spend $196.31 on Valentine's Day this year, up 21 percent from 2019's already record breaking $161.96. Fifty-five percent of us will celebrate, shopping for everyone from our significant other to our coworkers and pets.

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4 Spring 2020 Jacket Trends

With your enchanted window displays now stored away, your holiday hours back to normal, and your after-Christmas sales...

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3 Takeaways from NRF 2020

For this retail nerd, there is nothing quite as energizing as being surrounded by 40,000 commerce professionals and...

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Topics: Events, Business of Retail

Top Retail Industry Conferences, Markets, and Trade Shows – US & Canada

Grab your calendars—we've compiled the top retail conferences, markets, and trade shows in the US and Canada for various...

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Best Practices for Retail Returns

Returns. It's an anxiety-inducing word in the retail industry, and January is where we see the highest volume, with...

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Post-Holiday Retailer Checklist

You made it! The holiday shopping season is coming to a close and you can finally catch your breath. But don't kick up...

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Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Clock's tickin', but it's never too late to up your retail marketing game! Let's end 2019 with a bang: here are a few...

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5 Ways to Upsell this Holiday Season

For many brands and retailers, the holiday season means high sales, but also high sales plans. Every dollar counts as you...

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How to Sell More and Thrive This Holidays Season, According to 11 Retail Experts

Here's the good news: 2019 holiday retail sales are expected to increase by roughly 4% over last year, totaling nearly ...

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How to Reduce Store Queues and Manage Crowds this Holiday Season

A number of consumers will inevitably opt to shop online this holiday season, citing convenience and an aversion to...

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The Secrets of 5 Retailers Delivering Exceptional In-Store Experiences

Retail is evolving, but that does not have to be a negative. Read on to learn how 5 growing retailers are delivering...

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5  POS Software Essentials to Manage Inventory Effectively

Thinking about switching to a new POS platform? A store is only as successful as its inventory, so here are five...

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Springboard Retail Q1 2019 Product Updates

We've had quite the first quarter over here on the Engineering Team! We are continuously committed to developing the best...

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