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Announcing 3 New Enterprise-Grade POS Features!

Posted by Sarah Kowalski on Aug 10, 2017
Sarah Kowalski

In this fast-paced economy, you need a user-friendly but advanced retail enterprise POS system in order to grow profitably. Whether you have one location or several, a POS system that allows for efficient and streamlined business is a necessary component to compete in today's changing retail landscape. For this reason, Springboard Retail is consistently introducing retail tools and enterprise-grade features to support your business growth both online and offline. Let me introduce you to three new Springboard features you can start using today!

Inventory Transfer Requests

We've all been there: You provided the great selection and customer service your clients have come to expect from your business but unfortunately, the product is currently out of stock. Fear not! With a Springboard's point of sale inventory management features, your sales team can now send a transfer request to one of your other locations that have the item in stock. Send the command and this will then trigger an alert on the dashboard of the shipping store reflecting the transfer request!

Inventory transfer request.png

BigCommerce Integration

While 94% of all retail sales still take place in stores, eCommerce sales are expected to increase annually by 17% reaching $414 billion by 2018. (“Retail vs. eCommerce Trends: A Match Made In Heaven; Retail TouchPoint, 2017”) One reason: Businesses are now using POS integrations online for their offline stores. For this reason, Springboard Retail has integrated with BigCommerce, a leading eCommerce solution that allows retailers to customize their website, manage shipping and payments along with sell items on multiple channels including Amazon, eBay, as well as Facebook -all from one single location. According to Ipsos, BigCommerce merchants grow 28% year after year, nearly twice as fast as the industry average! (BigCommerce, 2017). With the Springboard Retail integration, you can now create items in your POS and sync them to BigCommerce with just the push of a button! Upon the processing and fulfillment from your eCommerce account, the orders will then automatically sync down into Springboard. Simple, intuitive, and streamlined. Did I mention the part about saving time and money?

Multi-channel inventory.png

PO Allocation

Do you have more than one location? If so, this feature will cut your work in half! With the PO allocation tool, you can enter your purchase orders for delivery at multiple stores. Upon creating a purchase order, you now have the ability to designate which items will be shipped to the selected location. Once the merchandise is received at the “Ship To” location, Springboard then auto-generates transfer requests that trigger an alert on the dashboard of the stores waiting to receive their units. Complete the receipt and your on-hand inventory will update immediately!

PO Allocation.png

At Springboard Retail, we are always striving to enhance our features and functionality to ensure our POS software is the engine that drives the productivity and profitability of your retail business! Learn more about all our enterprise-grade features!

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