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5 Benefits of Tablet POS

Posted by Sarah on Sep 30, 2015
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Point of sale in the cloud has revolutionized how organizations use data. But if you’re not using taking advantage of the mobility cloud POS provides, you’re missing out on huge potential.

When it comes to mobility in point of sale, tablet POS is an ideal choice. When you use Springboard Retail on a tablet, you’ll have plenty of ways to immediately improve customer experience at your fingertips:

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Look at a customer's history

The more you know about a customer, the easier a sale is. With Springboard Retail’s CRM, you can walk the store with a customer while quickly pulling up their purchasing history—price points, product type, items per purchase, even colors. If you know what they like, your recommendations will be far more effective. And better, faster recommendations mean happier customers.

Get visibility into inventory

You have better data with cloud POS, and mobility truly lets you use it. At a big box chain, when a customer asks if an item is in stock, they’re lucky if they even get an answer like “it says we have one somewhere—but who knows.”

With mobile POS, you can look up accurate and precise inventory levels and walk with customers to their requests, staying with them through the sale process. Or if you’re having a special event or a sale, you can monitor progress to find out which items are going fast and which need a push.

Keep the sale going

Sometimes you won’t have the item a customer wants—it happens. If you don’t have mobile POS, you have to walk away, call another store, wait for that store to check, ask the customer if they’re interested, and then ask the store to put it on hold. With tablet POS, you can request it in an instant. If you waste a customer’s time, they’ll lose their enthusiasm—it’s simply not worth the risk.

Customize your tablet POS

There are millions of very different stores in the retail industry, and Springboard Retail knows that. There are certain features that are crucial for one retailer that another has no need for—that’s why Springboard allows to you to simply and easy customize your POS and retail management needs. If you need something unique at your fingertips as you walk through the store, we’ve got you.

Move your point of sale

By having a point of sale in your hands in the form of a mobile, lightweight tablet, you can walk with a customer and then instantly transform into their lightning-fast point of sale. Not only that, once you get rid of the register, you reclaim valuable square footage that you can use to display more products. It’s not just your POS that will be mobile—it’s you, too.

To learn more about how Springboard Retail could work for your business, take a free tour today.

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