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Easily Move Important Data to Your New POS System

Posted by Allen Williams on Sep 21, 2015
Allen Williams
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When it comes to your business’s data, starting from scratch wouldn’t just be inconvenient, it’d be impossible. From legal requirements to business planning, your business history is indispensable.

Migration Made Simple

If fear of losing old data is holding you back from switching to a cloud POS software, there’s no need to worry. Springboard Retail understands just how important your inventory, customer and gift card data is, so we make it easy to bring it to your new retail POS system.

Modern Romance, a women’s clothing boutique in Newport Beach, California, had been with their previous server-based POS system for 20 years and had a lot of data to transfer over to the cloud. Modern Romance owner, Theresa Johnson said Springboard Retail’s knowledge and experience are apparent throughout the entire process of transitioning systems. "Springboard Retail was designed by a retailer,” Johnson said. “And that makes it very simple to navigate and easy to transition to.”

Picking a Package

Of course, some clients have greater data requirements than others. In data migration, as in all other areas of your experience, Springboard works closely with you to help determine the best option for your unique situation.

The Springboard Retail system allows you to move the essentials: customer lists, items and inventory quantities as well as gift card numbers and balances. The process is simple: customers send spreadsheets to Springboard, and we process the data and move it to your new cloud POS system. Of course, when you go live, you don’t want to have inventory quantities from months beforehand in your system – that’s why Springboard includes a final import of your inventory quantities the night before you go live on Springboard Retail’s POS system.

The Advanced Data Migration Plan is our comprehensive, end-to-end program. It includes the fundamentals of the basic plan (customers, inventory, gift cards, final inventory refresh the night before going live), as well as the transferring of open purchase orders and all item and customer sales histories. One of our data scientists will extract and move all the data from your old POS system. From there, it will be put into a staging environment where we allow you to review and accept the information. Once you have approved it, we finalize the migration.

No “one-size-fits-all” plan suits the needs of every business – that’s why we work closely with you to help you choose the right data migration option for you. It’s a part of our service that has greatly satisfied customers, including Seth Goff, Director of Operations at multi-location gift store HandPicked. “Springboard definitely provided a 'wow' experience on what could have been a very difficult day for us,” Goff said. “I am so impressed with the dedication to customer care the Springboard team displays.”

Cloud POS boosts engagement by revolutionizing your POS setup – but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Springboard offers simple data migration so that you can hit the ground running.

To learn more about how Springboard Retail could work for your business, take a free tour today. 

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