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What to Look for in Mobile Point of Sale Hardware

Posted by Sarah on Sep 10, 2015
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In today’s retail industry, server-based point of sale packages no longer cut it. Customers want the personalized sales experience that only mobile POS allows, and not just in big stores, but small businesses and boutiques as well. As more retailers explore mobile POS and the hardware it requires to keep up with their customer's needs, they should be sure to demand certain crucial features--and not settle for anything less. Best Mobile POS Hardware

Mobile Accessibility

There's no reason by your point of sale can't be an iPad or tablet. In fact, it's an option your customers will love and helps you increase sales. Mobile accessibility is vital to a cloud POS system and the hardware you purchase, allowing stores to leave behind the stationary counter-top point of sale and engage with their customers all over the store.

Bundles With Proven Success

You shouldn’t need to struggle to find each separate hardware piece in a different location. Working with multiple vendors adds complexity that you simply don't have time for when implementing a new POS software.

Instead, choose a mobile POS vendor that offers bundles with a history of success. Springboard works with POS Portal to give you the best POS hardware bundles, all proven to work efficiently and drive sales. Bundles simplify purchasing, setup and maintenance, and minimize complications as employees learn to easily navigate the new system.

Flexible Payment Options

In any big purchase, different retailers have different payment preferences. Growing retailers may want monthly plans, while others may favor upfront payment. You want to work with a company that understands your needs and tailors a plan to your circumstances.

Springboard will work with you to find what works best for your situation in every other part of your POS purchase. Mobile POS is a great investment that boosts productivity, savings and efficiency, but you need to choose a company that will treat you as well as you treat your own customers. Springboard Retail works hard to make implementing your new POS software easy for you.

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