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Springboard Retail Product Spotlight

Posted by Sarah on Jul 14, 2015
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Have a question about Springboard Retail? Watch this interview with our CEO, Gordon Russell, on TechnologyAdvice.

We answer questions like: What makes Springboard stand out from other POS systems? Who is our ideal customer? How does our pricing structure work? And how quick is the implementation process?


Gordon Russell is the founder and CEO of Springboard Retail, as well as the founder of the first Lilly Pulitzer signature store, In The Pink. As the store expanded to ecommerce and 9 brick-and-mortar location, Russell searched for the right POS and retail management platform for his multichannel business, but couldn't find a robust enough platform. So he teamed up with CTO Jay Stotz to create Springboard Retail.

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Springboard Retail is a cloud POS and retail management platform designed for retailers, by retailers. It’s built for multi-store, multi channel retailers who need to service every customer the same way, no matter how or where they shop.

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