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Introducing a Smarter Way to Plan Sales

Posted by Allen Williams on Jul 7, 2015
Allen Williams
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Comparing today’s sales to last year’s sales is a valuable tool, but not necessarily the comparison you want your sales associates focused on. You can now enter a planned sales goal into Springboard Retail for each store location, each day.

Retail Management Software Sales Plan

How does this help you sell smarter?

Motivate your team

Having a targeted, achievable sales goal for the day motivates your employees to work towards that goal. The widget also tells you the percentage you are away from reaching your goal.

For added encouragement, when you’re really close to your day’s goal you can have a contest to see who can make the sale that puts you over the goal.

Make an informed sales goal

A lot can change in a year, and maybe last year was a holiday or the power went out. With Springboard Retail you can use valuable data such as yesterday’s sales, last week’s sales and more to create an informed sales plan for each day that is attainable and relevant.

Retail POS Sales Plan

Easily apply to multiple days & multiple stores

Are Tuesdays pretty much always the same sales goal? Set every Tuesdays goal all at once. Does your Boston store have similar traffic to your Los Angeles store? Create both sales plans together.

You can download a template, or upload for a file if you have one created. Just specify the location name, sales plan, and the date for the plan, upload the file and your new sales plans will be listed.

Be flexible

Sometimes sales are higher than expected (and it's awesome), and sometimes there’s a huge storm and no one is shopping. That’s why we make it easy to update your existing sales plan—just create a new plan for the same date and location and you will be prompted to overwrite the existing plan.

Learn more about how sales plans work here.

Not a customer? Experience a smarter sales plan and take a tour.


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