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5 Ways to Let Freedom Ring in the Sales with Cloud POS

Posted by Sarah on Jul 2, 2015
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For retailers, holidays are often the busiest days and aren’t a day off. Having a robust cloud POS and retail management solution can help you experience freedom—while better serving your customers and ringing in the sales at the same time.

Freedom from the counter

You might have seen our post about why removing countertops helps you get closer to your customers. Moving to mobile POS provides your sales associates with the freedom to move around the store and engage with customers at the time of decision. Not to mention the space it will clear for those patriotic merchandise displays.

Use any device

A cloud POS and retail management system like Springboard Retail is accessible on mobile, tablet, Mac & PC giving you the freedom to use your favorite device whether you’re ringing out a customer in the Point of Sale, or viewing key sales, inventory, and customer data.

See information from anywhere

Cloud POS software gives you better control over sales and profitability by placing actionable real-time data in the hands of every person who needs it, from the C-suite to the store floor. Access data from any device, on any platform, to manage all your stores on the go—even when you’re watching the fireworks.

No upgrades, downloads, versions

A POS system with frequent upgrades and versions can prevent you from getting valuable data and efficiently serving your customers. A cloud POS solution can solve this problem since new features and enhancements are available to you instantly. A system that uses in-app messaging to share feature updates is also helpful, so your employees are notified of new features automatically.

Free time

As retailer free time can be very hard to come by, but when you can access your POS, customer, order, inventory management and purchasing and receiving all in the same place, saving time is inevitable. Just ask Springboard Retail customer Katie Sandford, owner of women’s fashion boutique Chou Chou. “Springboard has made it easier for me to delegate to my staff because it’s so easy to understand,” she says. “In terms of my personal well-being, I feel less frustrated after switching to Springboard Retail.”

Ready to experience the freedom of informed decision making and unprecedented flexibility? Take a tour. 

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