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4 Reasons Small Business Owners Love Springboard Retail’s Cloud POS

Posted by Sarah on Jun 4, 2015
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Contemporary women’s fashion boutique, Chou Chou, based in Wilton, CT offers a unique variety of women's shoes, accessories and apparel. Since implementing Springboard Retail as Chou Chou’s cloud POS and retail management solution in October 2014, owner Katie Sanford is a self-proclaimed “huge Springboard Retail fan.” We chatted with Sanford to find out how Springboard Retail helps her small business see big results.


Accessible from any device

The fact that Springboard Retail is accessible on mobile, tablet, Mac & PC is a key feature that helps Sanford successfully run Chou Chou. “I like that I can look at what’s going on in the store from anywhere,” she says. Sanford finds it super useful that she can check in on business while she’s away. “Springboard Retail enables me to keep an eye on what’s going on. I can see who came in at what time, and what they bought right, from my phone,” she says. Sometimes while she’s on the go, she’ll realize that they are selling a lot of a certain item, so she’ll call into to the store to see if that item needs to be refilled.

Cloud-based functionality

Springboard Retail’s use of the cloud has improved the way Chou Chou serves their customers. Using cloud technology allows Chou Chou to connect to a Bluetooth scanner from any device, so during peak hours, the Chou Chou team uses an iPad with the Bluetooth scanner as a register to keep the lines down and customers happy. “Being able to use our iPads as registers is really helpful. It’s impressive to customers and looks more professional,” says Sanford. She also shares how useful this feature is for inventory tracking. “Using the Bluetooth scanner has been revolutionary,” says Sanford.

Real-time reporting

Sanford cites Springboard Retail’s real-time reports as another one of her favorite features. “Springboard Retail has made it a lot easier to get information much more quickly. It moves as fast as my mind works,” says Sanford. “I can see a report on something or answer a question my brain has in less than two seconds, which I couldn’t do on our previous POS system.”

Mistakes happen and Springboard Retail helps the Chou Chou team catch them quickly and address mistakes while they’re still relevant. While checking reports from her phone, Sanford has noticed that an item was purchased, but she didn’t think that item was still in stock. So she called into the store and figured out that an employee accidentally entered the wrong SKU number. “On our old POS software, I would have to wait until the end of the month to catch mistakes like this. Springboard makes it a lot easier to react more quickly and deal with the problem as soon as it happens,” says Sanford.

A true business partner

“The support team is really, really, really, really great,” says Sanford. “They always respond right away and they always follow-up.” Sanford also appreciates the fact Springboard Retail treats her as a business partner and listens to her suggestions. “Whenever I have suggestions, it gets changed pretty quickly,” she says.

Small business owners like Sanford are constantly working and thinking about their business needs, but Springboard Retail has helped Sanford breathe a little easier. “Springboard has made it easier for me to delegate to my staff because it’s so easy to understand,” she says. “In terms of my personal well-being, I feel less frustrated after switching to Springboard Retail.”

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