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5 Ways to Consider Your Employees When Choosing a POS

Posted by Sarah on Jun 1, 2015
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Many factors contribute to the final decision when choosing the right POS for your store including cost, real-time inventory data, customer relationship management, multi-channel functionality, and more. But don’t forget about the people who will be using the point of sale system most often—your sales associates. Here are some suggestions on what to look for in a POS and retail management platform that will make you and your employees happy.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Avoid dated and confusing user-interfaces that will require extensive training and are complicated to navigate. To do this, take a tour of the product and look up customer reviews before you commit. See if current customers find the system user-friendly, but also check to make sure you find it intuitive yourself.

Training right at the selling station

Choose a cloud-based POS and retail management system so that your selling station is also a functioning tablet or computer. This way, all training can be done right at the selling station, creating a quick and painless training experience for your employees. This also helps you save time, money, and space while training new employees.

No upgrades and versions

Often sales associates get into a “groove” when ringing out customers, so a POS system with frequent upgrades and versions can be frustrating for sales reps and slow down the cash-out process. A cloud POS solution can solve this problem since updates can be done in real-time and rarely affect the interface. A system that uses in-app messaging to share feature updates is also helpful, so your employees are notified of new features automatically.

Easy to set permission levels

In retail, employee promotions, new hires and role changes happen often, so you want to be able to change an employee’s permission levels quickly—click of a button quickly. Each retailer also has unique roles and permissions levels so make sure your retail management system allows for customizable permission settings that fit your specific needs.

Growth-proof training options

You want a system that is more than point of sale, it’s also a business partner that cares about your current and future success. Look for a POS and retail management solution that provides you with the tools and support you need to effectively train your employees before you launch the new system, but also as you continue to grow and hire new employees.

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