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5 Ways to Make Your Customers Your #1 Fan

Posted by Sarah on Apr 29, 2015
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Here at Springboard Retail, we love sports. So we’re pretty stoked about attending the NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit this weekend. In our excitement for the event, we’ve put together a few ways you can use a Cloud POS and Retail Management platform to make your customers your biggest fans.

Get mobile and moving.

You might have seen our post about why removing countertops can help you get closer to your customers. Moving the POS to mobile enables your sales associates to engage with customers at the time of decision. Your customer’s are always on the go—and your POS should be too.

Make an assist.

With a Cloud POS and Retail Management system like Springboard Retail, retailers have access to stronger customer data insights, so clerks can anticipate what a customer will want, and merchandise accordingly. Help your customer hit a home run on the first try by suggesting items based on their previous purchases.

Never miss a shot.

Easily meet customer requests with better inventory management across multiple stores. A customer needs soccer cleats in a size you ran out of yesterday? No problem. With real time company-wide inventory visibility and distributed order management, your store associate can see that it’s available at the store in the next town, and with a push of a button, order it and have it delivered right to him.

Go for the goal.

It’s easy to make intelligent product recommendations with customers on the sales floor through the use of mobile dashboards and reporting. Such insights also increase profitability and customer satisfaction. If your POS doesn’t yet offer them, consider passing it off.

Aim with accuracy.

The right reporting also helps retailers create offers and special sales that are extremely targeted, making customers to feel special and keep them coming back for more. Custom reports track daily store performance, customers and inventory, to better understand what is selling and who is buying – for smarter merchandising and special offers that increase profit margins.

Follow these tips and your customers will be chanting your name—or at least shopping your stores.

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