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5 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Loved!

Posted by Christine on Feb 13, 2015
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It's the season of love with Valentine's Day arriving tomorrow, but we encourage retailers to show their customers love 365 days of the year. Here are some tips on new ways the right retail technology can make your customers feel like they just might be your one and only:

  1. Get up close and intimate. You might have seen our post last week about why removing countertops can help you get closer to your customers. Moving the POS to mobile, and enabling your store clerks to check a customer out without a countertop, leaves more room – and time – for shopping and inventory. More shopping = more revenue. Not to mention that your customers really feel the love with such attentive service.
  2. Give her what she wants. With a Cloud POS and Retail Management System like Springboard Retail, retailers have access to stronger customer data insights, so clerks can anticipate what a customer will want, and merchandise accordingly. Any girl can appreciate when you make shopping easy, and show that you know her tastes.
  3. Manage his expectations. Easily meet customer requests with better inventory management across multiple stores. He needs that sport coat that you ran out of yesterday? No problem – with real time company-wide inventory visibility and distributed order management, your store associate can see that it's available at the store in the next town, and with a push of a button, order it and have it delivered right to him.
  4. Pay attention. It's easy to make intelligent product recommendations with customers on the sales floor through the use of mobile dashboards and reporting. Such insights also increase profitability and customer satisfaction. If your POS doesn't yet offer them, consider moving on.
  5. Make an offer she can't refuse. The right reporting also helps retailers create offers and special sales that are extremely targeted, making customers to feel special and keep them coming back for more. Custom reports track daily store performance, customers and inventory, to better understand what is selling and who is buying - for smarter merchandising and special offers that increase profit margins.

With today's retail technology, there's no excuse for not making your shoppers feel loved every day of the year.

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