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When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed – A Sneak Peek At Porter's Craft & Frame

Posted by Christine on Dec 12, 2014
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At Springboard, we're lucky to work with a variety of retailers throughout the nation. Last week, one of our retail customers was kind enough to speak to a few media outlets about what value they get from working with Springboard. Porter’s Craft & Frame in Idaho Falls, Idaho, recently shared stories on why they've implemented Springboard Retail – and what success they've experienced - with both 1 to 1 Media and Retail TouchPoints:

Some highlights include:

  • Multistore Inventory Control - “We used to operate our two stores independently in terms of technology, and we needed to get our stores operating together."
  • Going Mobile – Springboard's cloud POS and retail management software helped Porter's replace its fixed POS terminals with iPads. In addition, the company is now using iPads with wireless scanners to collect order information when replenishing the store shelves. As a result, store managers spend less time managing prices and creating reports.
  • Moving To The Cloud - "The future is cloud-based. Putting our data in the cloud allows us to tie our stores together and be more nimble in how we operate.'"

You can read the full stories by clicking the links above, or visiting our site. Learn how we've helped Porters, and improve their business processes and bottom line, and give us a call to find out how we can help you, too. Thank you to both 1 to 1 Media and Retail TouchPoints as well for the stories!

Want to join in Porter's success? Take a test drive to see how Springboard Retail could work for your business.

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