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Retail hiring best practices start with asking the right questions.

Retail today is über competitive, building a strong team that can sell strategically and use all the tools at hand is essential; conscious staffing is an integral factor to the bottom line of a successful retail company. Understanding the perspective of your candidates (whether full or part-time) can help you dial in the right personality and uncover someone who will be able to engage your customers. We talked to some experts and compiled these 6 questions that will help kick-start your interviews and take your retail management skills up a notch.

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Springboard Retail Case Study:  XCVI

XCVI began as an apparel wholesaler in 1996 (XCVI) and has grown into a multi-store, omni-channel, national fashion brand. As they expanded, the XCVI team needed to find a retail management system that could provide real-time data, robust functionality, and the flexibility to manage sales, inventory and customer data across their expanding enterprise. They recognized their mobile POS and inventory management system was the critical foundation to scale their growing multi-channel business.

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How to create a retail loyalty program that engages all generations.

We're living in unique times. Our retail customer base is composed of three distinct generations that have vastly different experiences and points of view. From Baby Boomers, who grew up in a world without mobile technology, to Millennials, who cannot conceive of a world without it, to the betwixt and between Gen Xers. How does this reality impact a retailer's marketing strategy? And what's the best way to address it? Let's take a quick look at each generation, their preferences and try to understand how to start building retail loyalty programs that can accommodate all generations.

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Best practices for successful retail store inventory management.

Inventory management is an essential part of running a retail store. Too much stock can lead to markdowns that can kill your margins but just as bad is not having enough merchandise resulting in lost sales, low customer satisfaction, and even a fall in customer loyalty. A best practice is to take a full store inventory count each quarter or season while a partial inventory count is recommended weekly or monthly. Use your point of sale inventory management software to help you confirm what is selling, what you may want to return to vendors or what to place on sale.

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Springboard Retail Case Study:  MODE

MODE, an apparel retailer based in the midwest, sells high-end product at discounted prices. The concept, a merging of outlet pricing with boutique sensibility, was highly successful and with many clamoring for expansion, owners Ciara and Jim Stockeland, decided to franchise. Since 2007 they have grown to 8 stores and are the epitome of strategic, growth-oriented retailers. As they expanded they realized the need for a reliable cloud-POS and Retail Management platform that would be easy for franchisors to implement. After being oversold by Revel, MODE’s team was suffering through a failing implementation when Ciara found Springboard Retail and decided to make the switch.

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What do 'enterprise-grade' POS features mean for my retail business?

Glad you asked! You might see us use the term 'enterprise-grade' features when describing certain feature sets that Springboard Retail POS offers. We describe our software as, "more than just Point of Sale" because in reality it's a Retail Management platform. You can use Springboard Retail POS for much more than ringing up a sale. With Springboard Retail, you can manage orders, customers, inventory and purchasing and also easily and conveniently build highly customized reports to help you grow a smarter, more profitable retail business. The 'enterprise-grade' features offered by Springboard Retail are user-friendly and affordable compared to traditional systems, perfect for small to mid-size retail.

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What exactly is an Open API and why is it important?

 Features and functionality abound in today's POS software solutions and as you evaluate your options you might come across the term Application Programming Interface or API for short. So, why is this important to you and what function does it serve? If you're a growing multi-store or omnichannel retailer, how easily you can interface with the software you choose can be highly critical. Solutions that offer an Open API (or Public API) can be the difference between growing with ease or being hamstrung by your software.

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5 Complexities to consider when shifting to omnichannel retailing.

The shift to omnichannel retailing requires a different approach and mindset. To date, traditional retail has been a linear process; plan your buy > source your vendors > manufacture product > deliver to store > sell in-store. The new digital retail paradigm disrupts this fairly predictable flow – it becomes much more complex and fluid. Before you embark on a true omnichannel retail solution carefully consider these 5 areas within your retail business and understand the inherent challenges. Ask and answer these key questions to ensure that the retail POS software that you choose supports your vision.

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Key retail CRM tactics to boost your Customer Relationship Marketing.

By now most of us are aware that personalization is a retail trend that's here to stay. Promotions and loyalty programs aside, there many thoughtful ways you can harness the data you collect in your retail CRM to personalize your customers' experiences – both while they are in-store and through your marketing efforts. The reality is, this is the new normal. Today's competitive landscape and data-centric world has raised the overall expectations and to thrive, retailers must rise to the challenge.

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Retail terminology every modern retailer should know.

In the past, the retail environment has been more forgiving. Single stores, Mom & Pops if you like, have had the luxury to organically build their business through relationships, trial and error and good old fashioned luck. Today, it’s increasingly difficult to build a successful retail business without knowing the nuts and bolts of retailing. Challenge awaits at every turn, but understanding today's retail trends and terminology will help you ask the right questions, whether your're hiring a store manager, buying for next season or deciding on the right POS system software for your store. So, whether you're starting, managing or expanding your retail business, here’s a quick primer on key retail business terms you should know.

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How to engage valuable customers with a retail loyalty program.

The business of retail goes far further than opening a brick and mortar store and selling your goods to the next person who walks through the door. You've invested time and money into your business and the payoff is that you've built a clientele that is just as passionate about the goods you offer as you are to sell them. With the continued rise in internet shopping along with a surge in off-price store openings, 12% increase each year in the US, it's a great time to focus on your customer engagement techniques. Use retail loyalty to hold onto your clients so they are not shopping with those other guys!

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5 Best practices for managing your point of sale inventory system.

The blunt truth about inventory management and revenue: If you’re sitting on inventory, you’re sitting on dollars. And if you’re mis-selling or mis-receiving inventory, you’re losing dollars. When it comes to one of the most important operations for a retail enterprise to practice, inventory management is it. And the more locations a store has, the more difficult inventory management is to keep up with and the more vigilant you need to be.

You might be thinking... wait... back up... am I doing it correctly? Why is this so important? Let's find out.

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NRF 2017 Retail's Big Show: Retail Reimagined

Everything was BIG at Retail's Big Show this year from the ideas to the exhibitors — it certainly proved that retail is not dead but merely undergoing a high-tech metamorphosis. Hosted by the National Retail Federation, the Big Show was held at the Javits Center in NYC and welcomed over 33,000 international attendees. And there were some big names present, from Intel and IBM to Microsoft, SalesForce and Google, just to name a few of the players who seemed heavily invested in retail technology. The mood was optimistic, the technology was inspiring, and the Springboard Retail team was proud to exhibit and connect with retailers and partners. A couple of key retail technology trends kept popping up which we thought we'd share.

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