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6 Ways to Measure Retail Customer Experience

In order to succeed in 2018, retailers absolutely must connect with their customers on a much deeper level than product. Gone are the days where the sole focus of a store is merchandise. Today, customer's crave and expect a fully formed experience, one that engages them personally and sticks with them. Find out what that means and how to measure it in your store.

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Inventory Management in Retail Case Study: SHIFT Stores

Every day is a week, every week is a month.

That’s the motto, motivation, and reality of SHIFT Stores, a seasonal chain of women’s apparel stores perched in three resort locations, where the population in single towns swells from 11,000 to 60,000 in the summer months. A short season, mixed with lofty sales plans, an immense amount of inventory, and a constant rotation of new vacationing customers, forces Shift to bring their A-game every single dayon the floor, but especially behind the scenes.

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Customer Snapshot: Chesapeake Bay Outfitters

For more than 30 years, Chesapeake Bay Outfitters has been a pillar of the small but vibrant seaside town of Saint Michaels, Maryland. Once a five-and-dime, it has ripened into a multi-faceted men’s and women’s apparel store, catering to the thousands of Eastern Shore tourists who walk through its doors each summer, while maintaining a loyal year-round customer base. Entertaining in grand style and at simple picnics, Chesapeake Bay Outfitters dresses its patrons from the dock to dinner and from the bay to the bar.

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5  POS Software Essentials to Manage Inventory Effectively

Thinking about switching to a new POS platform? A store is only as successful as its inventory, so here are five essential features your point of sale and retail inventory management software should provide to help you maximize sales, increase margin, and manage inventory effectively:

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How to develop a framework for retail inventory reporting KPI's

The first step in managing your inventory effectively is making a commitment to use a modern point of sale solution to gather data. Next, it's time to determine the right set of KPI’s for your business. Lastly, retailers must build the right reports, ones that hold them and their team accountable daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The intelligence gained from these reports is the basis for all strategic inventory decisions. So, how do you determine the right inventory KPIs for your retail business?

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Learn how agile retailers harness inventory data to "fail fast".

We ask Marc Weiss, CEO of Management One, what he thinks is needed to thrive in retail today. His answer? The ability to "fail fast". Find out what that means when you sign up for our complimentary retail inventory management expert webinar!

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6 Ways to keep inventory fresh & improve sell through!

You would be hard pressed to find a retailer who wouldn't LOVE a high sell-through rate. A high turnover rate means you're doing something right and leads to fresh merchandise and happy customers! Here's a brief primer on sell-through and a couple of techniques that savvy retailers use to move their merchandise!

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NEW! Retail Inventory Management Report

We all know, inventory management is a foundation for retail profitability. Yet, in talking to hundreds of retailers we've discovered that many are either not practicing modern inventory methods or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of inventory data they are now able to track with modern POS software. Either way, we thought a refresher was in order! Our NEW Retail Inventory Management Report has just been published and in it you will find valuable inventory insight, tips and techniques from retail experts!

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How to shift your inventory mindset for agility.

Inventory management is key for profitability in retail. Consumers today have high expectations, they demand inventory visibility in real-time across all channels and want to be able to shop seamlessly wherever, whenever they want. So it goes without saying, that managing your inventory is no longer a set-it and forget-it endeavor. Retailers need to be agile by using their POS inventory data to spot trends and correct problems in real-time. But how to make that shift, towards a more proactive inventory mindset?

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4 Ways Inventory Management Saves Money and Helps You Grow Sustainably

Ask any online retailer what their primary business goal for this year is, and more often than not, you’ll get an answer along the lines of: “I want to grow my business.” But with a growing business comes growing responsibilities, namely making sure your back-end is ready to handle and sustain this growth. Before you scale, it’s critical to first optimize your retail inventory management, or face the risk of missing out on sales due to a lack of stock, losing inventory across channels or sacrificing margin due to seemingly small inefficiencies.

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Software Advice names Springboard Retail  in FrontRunners Quadrant for Retail Software

Good news! We're please to announce that Springboard Retail has placed on the 2017 FrontRunners quadrant for Retail software! More than 280 products were evaluated by Gartner and those with the top scores made the quadrant. We love being in the Pacesetters section. If you're looking for new POS software check out the full quadrant to get a great perspective of the retail POS marketplace!

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Store of the Future: The Path Forward

At Springboard, we think there's a bright future for retail. When you begin to understand the shifts that are occurring, start to embrace the change and learn to navigate this new frontier, the possibilities are exciting. Retailers all over the world are trying new things, from tweaking their current models to facilitating complete overhauls. They're taking the best of both worlds, online and offline, and merging them in dynamic new ways. 

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Announcing 3 new enterprise-grade POS features!

In this fast-paced economy, you need a user-friendly but advanced retail enterprise POS system in order to grow profitably. Whether you have one location or several, a POS system that allows for efficient and streamlined business is a necessary component to compete in today's changing retail landscape. For this reason, Springboard Retail is consistently introducing retail tools and enterprise-grade features to support your business growth both online and offline. Let me introduce you to three new Springboard features you can start using today!

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