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Store of the Future: The Path Forward

At Springboard, we think there's a bright future for retail. When you begin to understand the shifts that are occurring, start to embrace the change and learn to navigate this new frontier, the possibilities are exciting. Retailers all over the world are trying new things, from tweaking their current models to facilitating complete overhauls. They're taking the best of both worlds, online and offline, and merging them in dynamic new ways. 

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Announcing 3 new enterprise-grade POS features!

In this fast-paced economy, you need a user-friendly but advanced retail enterprise POS system in order to grow profitably. Whether you have one location or several, a POS system that allows for efficient and streamlined business is a necessary component to compete in today's changing retail landscape. For this reason, Springboard Retail is consistently introducing retail tools and enterprise-grade features to support your business growth both online and offline. Let me introduce you to three new Springboard features you can start using today!

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The benefits of cultivating retail brand ambassadors vs sales associates.

How often have you heard, "man, customers are just so demanding"? Or worse, been on the receiving end of a sales associate who a) knew less about the product than you do b) was more interested in chatting with a co-worker than engaging with you or c) wanted to help but just didn't have the tools or empowerment to do so. (Or, all of the above.) It just can't be stressed enough, today the customer is firmly in charge with more choice, information and power than ever before. In order to thrive in today's retail climate your front-line sales staff have to be trained as positive, proactive and savvy retail brand ambassadors. But how?

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Store of the Future: Retail industry trends 5 Key Shifts

We know that technology is reshaping retail and that the transformation is profound. But specifically, how will it change over the next 5, 10, 15 years? And, what do retailers have to think about as this new reality approaches? There are several key changes that are already under way and will begin to accelerate in the near future. The time to "wait and see" what will happen is coming to a close. Now is the time to experiment, try new things, learn what works best for your brand, your business and your customer.

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5 Ways to transform from multi-channel retailer to an omni-channel powerhouse.

In today’s ever-changing retail world, one thing is certain: the more places you’re selling, the better your chances of consistent revenue. Of course, being everywhere is easier said than done. While you’ve likely heard of (and may be engaged in) multi-channel selling, “omni-channel” is the latest buzzword sweeping the retail industry. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

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Store of the Future: Technology Reshaping Retail

We've been shopping differently for quite a while now. That once linear path that today seems so simple is gone. It's been replaced with a hodgepodge of interactions and transactions that are highly dependant on individual preferences. I for one, buy all my essentials online. I like to sort, filter, compare and see product details in a concise way. But I still do my apparel and gift shopping in-store because I love the visceral experience of touching things. Other's however, have their own shopping habits. The reality is that we're in the midst of a profound retail shift and as retailers we often wonder what the store of the future looks like? But there are a few common threads that can help us navigate. One. Customers are firmly in charge. Two. Technology is a driving force escalating the pace of change. In this three part blog series, we'll look at the technology that is driving retail change, examine what the future of retail stores might look like, and lastly compile ideas on how retailer's today can prepare.

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10 Retail industry trends and statistics for long-term growth.

Sometimes it feels like retail industry trends change faster than we can possibly keep up with. From technology and communication revolutions to cultural and generational shifts, there are innumerable factors influencing the consumer mindset — which of course impacts retailers. But with every change comes the opportunity to evolve and to create new paradigms. Innovative ideas emerge and we adjust using new tools and techniques. We've compiled 10 retail statistics that start to tell the story and might give you food for thought - and optimism for the future of retail.

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5 Customer data points to collect in your POS CRM.

A modern point of sale system becomes truly effective when it's used to collect all the powerful data and customer intelligence possible to help you build customer engagement and loyalty. In today's cloud-based POS software, like Springboard Retail, you have the ability to create unlimited custom fields, filter and produce powerful reports and integrate with smart marketing and loyalty platforms. Retailers have more opportunity than ever to strike a mutually beneficial bargain with customers; ask them for specific information and in return deliver thoughtful and personalized events, offers and promotions.

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How to Finance a New Retail Location with a Business Loan

Your retail business has been so successful that you’re considering opening a new location—congratulations! This is an exciting moment for a small business owner, but some of the thrill can dissolve with the prospect of finding the cash to get this next venture off the ground. Fear not! There are fast and simple debt financing options available to you so that you can focus on what matters most—your business.

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Springboard Retail Case Study:  Porter's

In the years since they first opened their doors in 1915, Porter’s Craft and Frame, a family-owned retailer in Southeast Idaho, evolved from a small bookshop into a multi-store, retail enterprise processing over 200K transactions a year. Customers shop everything from home décor to baking goods to art supplies and framing. What enables the store’s continuing success? In the words of Porter’s General Manager Alex Nielsen, it's a willingness to, “constantly adapt in order to continue inspiring our customers.” Learn more about their story.

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Use your retail CRM to build loyalty using inbound marketing concepts.

We all know that customers are innundated with promotional offers and product emails trying desperately to capture their attention. Day in, day out, they are bombarded. Couple that with the fact that marketing is getting increasingly sophisticated and personalized (check out our study on apparel personalization and customer loyalty); it's becoming very hard to compete for customer's attention. It can be overwhelming for small to mid-size retailers when you don't have the budget or access to sophisticated marketing resources. But here's the thing, with a customer oriented strategy and retail crm software that can support and track your efforts, you can be as effective as the big guys.

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How to train retail store employees to boost retail loyalty!

You’ve invested in marketing, advertising, and curb appeal, and your traffic counters are showing that it’s paid off. Arguably the most difficult part is over: you’ve gotten the customer in the door. Now, how do you keep them there? According to our research, although retail loyalty programs are a great engagement tool, the best way to win repeat business? Stellar customer service!

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Survey shows retail loyalty programs still a top customer preference.

Lately, we've read alot about the importance of 'the customer experience' to engage and build brand loyalty.  As well as how personalization is a key means to this end. This trend has been well documented and generally supports the realities of the current retail landscape. When you can buy virtually anything online today, why shop in store? Personalization is one way of cultivating long-term relationships with customers but we wanted to find out what kinds of personalization customers respond to and how it ranks when compared with other types in store experiences. So we asked!

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