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What motivates shoppers to revisit your store?

Whether you formally survey or initiate informal conversations, it is imperative to make sure that you leave your bias at the door and really listen to what customers have to say. We can assume, infer or guess what our customers want, but ultimately it’s essential to ask. So we did. Find out what motivates shoppers to revisit your brick and mortar store! 

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What CRM features should I look for in a POS?

Good question. Glad you asked. We tackled this one in our NEW Customer Relationship Management Report. Learn what retail CRM features to look for when shopping for new POS software.

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Customer Snapshot: Sugar Paper LA

Sugar Paper is a handcrafted, foil-stamped, perfectly polished example of a small side job that grew into a flourishing multi-channel retail enterprise. Almost 15 years ago, college friends Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker began flirting with the idea of letterpress, creating custom stationery for friends while fueling the fleeting art of letter writing. Counting Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow among its patrons, Sugar Paper LA is now comprised of two brick-and-mortar stores, an ecommerce business, multiple partnerships and collaborations, and a wholesale division servicing thousands of stores globally. And who said snail mail was dead? Probably the same folk who claimed retail was too!

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8 Ways to collect retail customer data (and why).

Often retailers feel reticent to ask for personal data. It can feel uncomfortable and often sales associates will just skip the process out of fear. Yet, the reality is that today’s world is driven by data and utilizing it correctly in a retail setting can provide a more valuable, relevant and enjoyable experience for the customer. Learn why it's important to collect data and how to do it thoughtfully.

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Springboard Retail Case Study: HandPicked

HandPicked, a growing retailer specializing in unique, handmade jewelry and gift items recently made the switch to Springboard Retail. First inspired 30 years ago by the culture of Mexico, the company works with artisan groups globally to design one-of-a-kind accessories. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, the business encompasses 16 stores, an ecommerce portal powered by BigCommerce, and a warehouse. Learn more about their story.

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How to Bounce Back From Holiday Returns

You can spot them a mile away. The dreaded shopping bag boasting your logo walking TOWARD your store. And you brace yourself for the inevitable.

"I just have a quick return to make!"

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The easiest ways to attract new retail customers and keep them coming back: FREE Retail CRM Webinar!

Your inventory can be perfectly managed. Your staffing spot on. Your merchandising impeccable. Yet without an engaged customer base, your retail business cannot thrive!

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Meet Us at NRF 2018!

Headed to NRF's Big Show? Want to win an Apple Watch?!

It's that time of year again! We're thrilled to be returning to the annual gathering of over 35,000 retailers and industry professionals this month. The National Retail Federation's Big Show hosts some of the biggest players in retail, technology and businessthose who are shattering status quo and driving innovation—and we are so excited to see some of you there!

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The Retailer vs. Customer Journey

Knowing your customer’s journey, their preferences, habits and history gives you the intelligence to create a customer experience and marketing plan that resonates with them. How do you do that? Through data collection, analysis and customer segmentation, all of which allow you to engage your customers in highly personalized and meaningful ways.

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Happy Holidays from Springboard Retail!

Merry everything from our family to yours!

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How to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Year-Rounders

It goes without saying that the holiday season is prime time for retail traffic. And despite the daunting Amazon affect, a hefty 71% of consumers say they plan to do half or more of their holiday shopping in stores as opposed to online. The potential to achieve holiday sales plan is obvious, but the long-term effects are just as exciting. With 32% of stores’ holiday traffic coming from first-time buyers, it is more essential than ever to make plans to retain them, and that starts with using your retail POS system to collect customer data.

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6 Ways to Measure Retail Customer Experience

In order to succeed in 2018, retailers absolutely must connect with their customers on a much deeper level than product. Gone are the days where the sole focus of a store is merchandise. Today, customer's crave and expect a fully formed experience, one that engages them personally and sticks with them. Find out what that means and how to measure it in your store.

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Inventory Management in Retail Case Study: SHIFT Stores

Every day is a week, every week is a month.

That’s the motto, motivation, and reality of SHIFT Stores, a seasonal chain of women’s apparel stores perched in three resort locations, where the population in single towns swells from 11,000 to 60,000 in the summer months. A short season, mixed with lofty sales plans, an immense amount of inventory, and a constant rotation of new vacationing customers, forces Shift to bring their A-game every single dayon the floor, but especially behind the scenes.

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