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We understand your pain points because we’ve lived them. Our founders, Gordon Russell and Jay Stotz, built Springboard Retail POS based on their first-hand struggle to find a flexible, data-centric retail management platform that they loved to use.

It all began out of necessity. Gordon Russell’s Boston-based chain of specialty retail stores had a problem. He needed a POS system that would be comprehensive enough to manage his current business, while also driving future growth. Gordon tried plenty of available retail point of sale systems, but none of them provided the intuitive yet flexible structure his retail teams needed to succeed. 

So, Gordon and co-founder, Jay Stotz, put their heads together. They focused on developing a modern, cloud-based POS system designed to support a growing multi-channel, multi-site retail enterprise with features that brought clarity and resilience for the future. Reporting was key. With a multitude of data points, they ensured that their point of sale was able to combine relevant data in any way the retailer envisions and that the software was responsive, agile and easy-to-use. In fact, the results of their efforts were so successful that the team had to share it with other retailers. Springboard Retail was born.

Since our official launch in November, 2013, Springboard Retail has helped our customers grow across their locations and channels—processing over $2B of retail sales at over 1,000 sites across North America. The team continues to focus on providing exceptional value to our customers. We take our customer’s success personally because we’ve walked in your shoes and understand that even the smallest detail, is critical.

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