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POS Software that gives you the edge

to compete like a retail giant.


Retail is changing, but retailers who meet the challenge are thriving. 
Springboard Retail point of sale and retail management software was designed specifically for retail, empowering brands & retailers to harness their data and sell more, profitably. 

You want a POS that is user-friendly without sacrificing the powerful features that give you an edge. All in real-time, accessible anytime, anywhere by your whole team.
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Today, customers expect a personalized experience. Choose a POS that can double as a CRM, helping you manage customer relationships across all your channels.
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Retail is dynamic, you expect your POS to support a sale wherever it happens, across all channels. See product availability in real-time, easily place special orders and transfers.
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Inventory is both an investment and a liability. You need a robust tool kit to keep product fresh, coupled with reliable data that will help you spot trends and boost margin.
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Face the challenge of retail buying armed with data-driven insight and the point of sale tools to help streamline the process saving you both time and money.
Without data strategic decisions are difficult. You need a POS engine that can collect the right data and then build the reports and retail metrics that help you grow.
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Grow your Retail Business 

+   Boost Productivity

+   Streamline Operations

+   Empower your Team

+   Use Data to Drive Decisions

+   Delight Customers

 Partnering with growing brands & retailers across North America.



"We get an edge because Springboard Retail is committed to forward-looking technology, which lets us focus on our core business." ~ Seth Goff, Operations DirectorSR-Customers-_0008_Handpicked


Delight your customers, every day.

A quick, painless check-out. A perfect pair of sandals, in stock. A personalized email. There are countless ways to create exceptional customer experiences, especially when you deeply understand your retail business.

Harnessing your POS data gives you that edge. Grow confidently
with a powerful retail management platform that is easy-to-use and built for the future of retail. Get actionable real-time data, accessible anytime, anywhere. 

And, gain a partner you can trust.

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